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Chat with the Future

Helping the world to converse with GPT in a safe, accessible and handsfree manner

Talk with ChatGPT

Have spoken conversations with a world-class AI. Speak to GPT and listen as it speaks its replies back to you.  Have relaxed, easy and informative discussions with one of the best-known, large language model (LLM) artificial intelligence engines on the planet.


Have handsfree conversations while safely walking or driving. Only minimal screen interaction is required, making it easier for you to focus on the conversation  whether you are vision impaired or simply want to enjoy talking to the AI while doing other things.

Voice Commands

Pause, resume and reset your chats with spoken voice commands. Stop GPT mid-reply by simply saying "STOP" or pause it by saying "PAUSE" and then have it continue by telling it to "RESUME".  Minimize distractions and keep the conversation flowing with natural spoken commands. 

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